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Do they use backhat software to get ranked #1 in their doorway pages?

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    Jun 13, 2017
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    Hi Guys,

    I am into healthcare industry, we are trying to sell medications online. I was trying to search for keywords like " Buy Viagra online" "buy ED pills online" etc.

    To my surprise, i am able to see a lot of doorway page websites in Google's 1st and 2nd page etc. In fact, they are even ranking #1 in Google.

    For example:

    Keyword 1 : buy ED pills online

    #1 position :
    website : saludos
    ( But this redirects to a different website)
    Note : They have been ranking #1 for various keywords for the past 7 to 8 months.

    2nd Page position:
    website : woodlandfarm

    Keyword 2 : ED Pills Online
    #1 position :
    website : saludos

    2nd Page position:
    website : woodlandfarm
    Website : intoursport
    Website : riorita.net
    Website : imaginethat

    3rd Page position:
    Website : mouthdrumming
    Website : technoplanning
    Website : shirky

    How to these experts manage to rank in the 1st and 2nd pages? That too for quite a long, in spite of the Fred Update!!

    My Question:

    Are they using any blackhat software to get ranked? How do they do it! I am worried, that i can cannot beat these blackhat masters.

    I would honestly really appreciate any suggestions & tips.

    Thanks in advance,