I Need Help from u guys, please help me, PaidVerts Big Mistake

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    Jan 27, 2015
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    I don't know what's going on but, i guess it's messed up up there, i deposited $50 on PaidVerts via bitcoin 2 days ago and, never saw the color of my poor money in my balance, so i created a support ticket about 1 day and 2 hours ago and submitted a missing deposit but, i never got back any answer, then i contacted the other support methods such as WhatsApp, i added the admin to my contact and sent a message to him with picture proofs of my transaction but, no matter cause he didn't answer that either, i added mytrafficvalue to Yahoo but, it encounters with an error and won't work, it won't add that contract at all, looks like it's not even existed, so, i tried to add a new thread on they're forum, i logged into my account at MyTrafficValue website itself but, i can find nowhere to create a new thread in they're forum page at any section, i explored every inch of they're forum section but, nothing i could find, i don't know what should i do anymore, has anyone happened to be threated like this ?
    if anyone worked with they're forum, can u please tell me exactly how can i find to create a new thread in there ? because it looks like it's somehow have nothing related to creating a thread or question or anything, please if u know anything about this matter, let me know, thanks, i really appreciate it.
    i'm trying to call him via WhatsApp so maybe he picks up and i can explain the situation.