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Apr 24, 2011
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So I'm trying to buy a domain for an upcoming product launch with the keyword "jobreplacer" but the dot com, the dot net & the dot org are already taken but the dot in & the dot ca are available, So my question is, is it a good idea to buy the dot in or dot ca or use the keyword followed either by the word review or bonus? I'm just not sure which ones are SEO friendly...Please help I will truly appreciate it...
No, .in is not good for USA rankings and in order to get a .ca you must be registered in Canada. You are better off purchasing jobreplacerreview.com or along the lines of jobreplacer.us which is what I would choose.
Thanks I appreciate your time aakon7...Would you pick a dot info over a dot us?
I really don't see anything wrong with using a hyphen in the name or targeting an EMD for a longtail keyword using your main keyword 'jobreplacer' in the title. That name on it's own is pretty catchy as it is and it would be best to just focus on branding it.

On-page/off-page SEO of all your content pages will help to rank your domain's homepage and linking strategies will do the same for your homepage so there is no sense in worrying too much about this. The only way that you would be concerned with this is if you were trying to create a single-page website (besides contact, privacy, disclaimer, etc.) for one of your own products (eBooks, Clickbank, etc.). In that case, you may look for a completely different title.

Just my $.02!
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From what I've read around, hyphens are negligible so job-replacer is pretty much the same as jobreplacer to search engines.

As for the TLD it seems to be split: there is one group of people who will say that .COM/.NET/.ORG are easier to rank, while the other group says it doesn't matter and .INFOs can rank well too.

Personally I would either go with a hypen or try adding another word on and getting a .COM/.NET/.ORG.
I've had bad experience with .infos. I would go with .com/.net/.org or even .co. The others are geographically targeted and could hurt your ranking and CTR in the US. I'd also agree with the comments above: either add dashes and/or add another word. fastjobreplacer? quickjobreplacer? realjobreplacer? thejobreplacer.. you get the idea.
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