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I Need Help Analyzing A Youtube / Clickbank Channel, A Marketer Doing Things "Right".

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by SpiderBlast, May 26, 2013.

  1. SpiderBlast

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    Jan 6, 2012
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    If this is your youtube / clickbank channel, speak now... or forever hold your peace. ;)

    When I found this channel, I became enraged with "competitive lust".

    I lust to compete against people like this, who are probably members on this forum, and definitely know wth they're doing.
    I have found other channels that I know also belongs to this person, but I won't be posting them here.

    Now, before I go any further, let me write a quick disclaimer.

    DISCLAIMER: There are probably people on this forum, who wouldn't even consider this guy "competition". But compared to my level of knowledge with youtube, I am EXTREMELY impressed with how they work (I will post the link at the end)

    They have mastered -

    1) Keyword research
    2) SEO ranking videos.
    3) Views, likes, etc etc
    4) Outsourcing video creation to save time (their scripts are also fairly decent, compared to many other videos I've seen).
    5) How they link to official redirects, rather than using tinyurl links or the like.

    then there is more small things like moderating comments and what not...


    Some things that I have found more difficult with youtube.

    So I'm going to first state what I don't need help with, then I will ask some questions.

    1) I don't need help with keyword research. I think this is easy it just takes time to find good keywords.
    3) Outsourcing video creation or writing decent scripts, again, this is something I can do on my own.
    5) The redirects, again, not difficult. I just need to buy a domain and set it up that way.

    However, let me explain what I DO need help with.

    2) SEO. Now, this is tricky. I have a guy who I've been using for a couple years. I love his service. Its great
    for ranking websites. However, its not really designed for youtube. Because on youtube you can get away
    with murder. With much more aggressive backlinking. Because of that, you're almost forced to "play dirty".

    If you analyze this guys links, I don't understand how the hell he's getting 21k links indexed within 2 months.
    I also checked the links, and can't tell what software he's using (or if hes outsourcing, what they're using).
    If it was xrumer, it would be tons of crappy profile / do follow links. If it was scrapebox, tons of crappy blog
    links. Now, the links do look crappy, but I can't tell what's being used to do them. Maybe he's mixing them

    Thats not even my main issue, my issue is merely HOW he's getting SO MANY links indexed SO FAST.
    For instance, if I order 60,000 xrumer links, ping the hell out of them, if I blast 100,000 SB links on my own,
    ping the hell out of them, I still can't get that many backlinks indexed that fast. Do I have to aim a lot higher?

    Like I understand whitehat SEO, even grayhat SEO, but this is pure unadulterated blackhat SEO. I have to know
    how to get that many links indexed that fast.

    Also, if you look at his ebay video, its got 245,855 views, 523 likes.
    He's ranking for some impressive keywords.

    I am assuming from that many views in that short a time, that this is a "churn and burn" method?

    Because I ALWAYS dripfeed views on my videos slowly, Usually a max of 40-50,000 every month (using fiver).
    But those aren't even retention views and I have no idea if thats what this guy is using. If he IS using 200,000+
    retention views, that would like $200 just for views. Consider he has 7 videos on that account, he could have
    easily spent over $1,000 on everything. But is it smart to invest that much on what appears to be a churn and
    burn method?

    Or am I wrong and do you think his method is safe? (it doesn't look safe)


    There ARE people on here who can look at his videos and tell me with confidence "he's most likely doing this
    and that and not doing this and that" etc etc.

    It just pisses me off because I'm trying to rank videos for much less competitive keywords, some for 5 months
    now, and I can't get close to the results he has. I do have one video on page 1, position 5. But I can't get it
    to go any higher.

    So let me reframe my questions.
    How much money do you estimate he's spending on each video?
    What tools do you think he's using?
    How is he getting so many links indexed so fast?
    It doesn't look like he's dripfeeding anything, but blasting, so do you think those videos will be gone soon?

    Last but not least, let me shut up, and here is the channel:


    ps. I'm fairly confident he posts on here because someone on here did a video tutorial on how to find good
    keywords. The thread was a bit old, and I found this guys video outranking the person who orginally made
    that thread. Thats when I started finding other accounts that I believe belong to him. The videos were done
    the same way, same girl, same types of scripts, same kind of links, etc etc.

    Is this person just dropping a fortune on youtube? I don't get it.


    pss. He is also in a couple of niches I'm targeting which is why I'm not posting the other accounts. And for several
    keywords I'm targeting his videos are number 1 on youtube and on the first page of google. So this is personal, if I have to drop a lot of money to compete I will. I'll buy xrumer, gsa, senuke, 3 more versions of scrapebox, I'll drop a few grand just so swipe this mfkr off youtube. He is pissing me off. I'm struggling just to rank a few videos and he's got accounts with videos ranking all over youtube.
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  2. MrSimon

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    Sep 3, 2010
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    It is not that difficult to rank vids. But my question is why are you bitter about his success? I haven't looked at the link u posted, but views are easy to come by (fiverr, etc. ) also links, if u aren't concerned about quality you can get a 40-50k comments blast and they index faster than you can imagine. Again, bad quality, but may work for vids. Maybe it's GSA.

    I just think you should route for others success. Learn from it.

    Good luck.