I need cheap traffic, no proxies, residential ip's, drip fed daily, consistent

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    I need cheap traffic. I want residential ip's, drip fed daily, consistent and little to no proxies.

    Can anybody suggest traffic just for decreasing ctr?

    I need 700 visits daily, spread throughout the day, completely random visits throughout the day. This will be 700 per site, for many sites. If they could remain on the site for a while, that's even better.

    Hitleap won't work for me because theyre frame doesn't allow my url redirecting.
    Maxvisits would be fine, but they don't drip the visits throughout the day.
    trafficholder is decent, but their lowest price is $45 for a month of 700 per day. Im looking for more like $15 for 21,000 visits.


    excuse me, if I've posted in the incorrect place.