i need an explanation for this seo complications may be shit


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Aug 17, 2017
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i need an explanation for something
5 years ago i rewrite an article ,old one ,in another website ,it was long article ,it ranked well in google without seo or backlinks nor asingle share on facebook .
it gave me from google 60000 views and counting till now .
back then ,i didnot know anything about seo,backlinks....etc
all the other sites are very well known sites and the article posted in there has good back links, shares everywhere
simply ,the article was about the differece between the messege ,vision and target .
i just rewrite the entire post only and get that number of visits so simple
where is the rules of seo?
wondering how that happened may be it was begginners luck
Content is King and Content is a part of SEO.
if this true i will consider rewriting good articles that has good visits in other sites and with time you have written alot of articles that give you a passive income and be a boss
If the topic / subject is popular or has appeal to readers that's a start. Once they get to your page then if the article is spun / crap / poor quality you'll lose readers. However if the article is well written etc, you'll keep people on your page with the chance they may share the url on social media.
content is king, but good unique content ,not shite or spun crap.
If your content looks more unique and details about your site relevant to your niche which more helpful to get new visitors,i hope submitting good quality content which should be unique again and again which been getting some visitors and keep steady ranking..
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