I need an advice about buying traffic

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    So I made myself a new service site on which I plan to sell likes, followers and youtube subs.. priceas are cheap in my opionion (cheaper then here on BHW in BST sections :D ).

    but my question is..
    Typlo is selling traffic here on BHW and from testimonial I see that the quality of traffic is very good and also the prices are not high at all.
    I plan to order some packages from there but in what niche I should choose?

    The niches I think would fit promoting fb likes, twitter follower, youtube subscribers are:
    Advertising Media
    Business Opportunities
    Internet Services
    Marketing (Internet)
    Marketing (non-internet)
    Web Design
    Web Hosting

    But should I promote b2b or maybe target some other niche?

    So what you think guys? what niche is the best?