I Need Affiliates to Promote My eBook - 10% Commission

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    May 14, 2012
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    I wrote an eBook a while back about African-American hair care tips. I currently have it listed on Tradebit and they give me the option to have affiliates sign up to promote my eBook (affiliates will receive payment from Tradebit, not me directly). Each sale will earn you $2 USD, because I have now increased the commission to 40%.

    I completely wrote the eBook myself (I am African-American and have many years of experience with ethnic hair care), so you would be promoting a unique, high quality product that provides real information in an active niche that people are searching for.

    PM me if you are interested in becoming an affiliate and want more information. I can also provide help with keyword research and ideas on how to promote if needed. Serious Inquiries Only. :)
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