I need advice to focus my efforts and time to grow Tumblr, Pinterest,Facebook&Twitter.

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    May 25, 2012
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    Hi, I currently have a tumblr with around 200 quality manual posts, probably about 80% original pictures, only a few have many reblogs (one photoset has around 2,000 RB, a few have 500 RB), maybe 5% questions and answers with detailed responses, and 15% text posts.

    And also around 1,000 followers, none gained through methods of following or reblogging other content, only original stuff, from what i've seen they are all active tumblr folk. Followers are growing at anywhere from 20-40 per day. 50 return visits per day, 350-400 pageloads per day.

    Not doing any reblogging at all since about a month ago, very little before this.

    As far as quality of this Tumblr it looks good as it is, simple and very nice posts. it's going to have a premium theme with links to other social media sites soon as well and hopefully improved posts when everything looks clean. Of course I have considered registering a domain for it and would be glad to do this as well, should I do this soon or wait until blog becomes more popular?

    I know this is a super small blog but I'd like to grow it as I have the time right now to work on this. I would love to do keep doing research but I would be very, very happy if you could tell me some tricks and where to concentrate my efforts to gain more followers as fast as possible, or what techniques I need to learn to do so.

    How many pictures/day should I be posting? How many tags should be used? Will it affect me negatively to use more then 4-5 tags for one photo? What can I do to make my best posts get reblogged and keep being reblogged, besides making great photos?

    Is pinterest, facebook, flickr, forum posting and other methods what I want to be focusing on here? if so, how should I start working on these to increase my traffic? Are there any black hat or whitehat methods I absolutely should be using here, without a huge risk of being banned?

    Thank-you kindly for your time!