I Need Advice On An Offer


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Jul 21, 2008
I was offered a job building links for a guy that does seo. He wants me to tell him how much I would charge him. I want to do it but I don't know what to charge. Can someone help me with this?
depends on many things ,volume of work,would he pay monthly,how much time wud u have to work,nature of work.
Well...look around at other people charges...and make a comparison...i am sure you can find the BEST price to offer....wish u all the best.
I thik those jobs start at about $300
I would run over to get a freelancer and see what they offer over there and use that to your advantage, you can charge way more if the guy does not know any better
Yep, and he isn't gonna see benefit for a ton of time, so you better be a smooth talker
Thanks guys. I did a little research and told him a $1.00 a link. He said fine, and asked how many I could do in a week. I told him I have only built links for myself so I am not sure. I told him to tell me his max budget for a week (how he is going to pay me) and I would see how close I could get to it and we could go from there. Now I am waiting for a reply. If you guys think of anything else I should be aware of please feel free to give me a heads up.
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