I need advice about how to better start selling mobile version of sites local?

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    Mobile market is grow up so quick that I thought that I can?t lose my chance to make some good moneys from this kind of niche in my country. But as I not big specialist in site building, first problem was to find good mobile site developer. Local (Eastern Europe) freelancer sites is empty with this kind of specialist, all my projects here in my country get 0 bids. After failing on my local freelancer?s sites I made decision to find anybody from worldwide, but it was also problem to find proper person to work. As English is not my native language I think it will be hard to make qualify task to my worldwide worker to explain to him all details.

    So about advice, If anybody have some successful results in selling mobile websites I will be appreciated if you help me with this:

    1. MOST IMPORTANT FOR ME! How do you make your customers orders: find worldwide freelancers or hire local guys or you make it by yourself. If it real to do it by myself without big technical skills advice my something (tools, software, plugins, services etc.), if you everything doing by using freelancers, advice me please how do you find them.
    2. How do you choose you pricing for different customers?
    3.Do you charge monthly payments from customers?
    4. By wich ways do you achieve you clients: hold calls, web ads, direct mailing etc?
    5. DO you use any types of contracts in working with you clients?
    6. Do you rent you personal office for appointments with customers or not?

    If anybody can recommend me any quality courses or good threads from here or any useful resources about offline selling mobile versions of websites I will be so much appreciated to you for this.

    Thank you before hand.