I need a theme like this one with the same functions

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    I have an idea for a site, but I'm terrible at coding. I need a WP theme that looks like this: http://www.artige.no/

    It's in Norwegian, so most of you probably dont understand what it says - but click the buttons and you'll see.

    I need a 100% width for the top "line", with my logo to the left, "newest posts" button, a grid kinda thing when clicking on the "mini" button, days/weeks/months best, Facebook like button to the left (not using g+ or twitter). I also need the navigation buttons on the top of the page AND in the bottom, like it is in this page, and a like button under each picture.

    Haha yeah, this is what I need. I'm the world biggest noob when it comes to coding, so is this really advanced? I can do SOME coding, but it's gotta be somewhat easy.

    And I need a theme that is a good starting point for this project. Single column thing without a regular header - I just want the logo to the left.