I need a substitute for a Peerfly offer

Discussion in 'CPA' started by ijof9, Mar 13, 2012.

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    Basically what I was doing I had setup an e-mail autoresponder with a zip submit.

    It was sending that to all copyright infringement e-mails saying "We're so sorry for that, we removed the MP3 and here's a $50 Walgreens to make up for it."

    I had several offers in rotation (eight of them) but that one was the only one which actually did good for me. To be hones I didn't pay much attention to what offers I was promoting, I just picked the best EPCs in the range of $0.2-$0.9.

    Problem is now Corey told me I can't promote that offer no more because of poor quality traffic.

    What substitute should I go with? I tried the corresponding mobile version but it didn't work at all. I mean, obviously, I can't give them $500 vouchers because it would be outrageous, it wouldn't look like a partnership at all.

    Any recommendations?