I need a solution to bypass the amazon affiliate ban

Jan 13, 2023
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Good morning, everyone.

I worked with amazon for a while until my account and co-workers were banned, this is for the second time in a row in 2 years. I have come to the consusion that we all can no longer reopen a new partnership directly with amazon.

That said, is there any way I can get affiliation with amazon through a third party? Or is there a way to apply for affiliation without using personal information so that amazon cannot figure out that it is us again?
Apply as a business.
Why were you banned?
In the closing notice email they were very general.
In the email we were told this reason:
"An account owned by you (or owned by an individual or entity related to or affiliated with you) has been closed as a result of violations of the Operating Agreement or one of Amazon's marketing programs."
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