I need a scraper-writer to scrape from one site into ...?

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    Hello. I am in need of either a way to write my own content scraper that can feed data into Wordpress, or someone who can do this for me for a reasonable fee. I need to scrape information off of one site and add it to my own. Please PM me for more information, since I don't want to hand too much information out.

    This can be done via a few different methods (I think)

    Each post has several elements. Each post has images that need downloaded and named with a custom name using a format I specify. The content can be exported to a CSV that I can use to import, but it absolutely has to have the images! Please hit me up if you've got an idea on what you're doing. No time-wasters or tire-kickers. I've already dealt with enough crap. Money talks, bull sh*t walks.
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    I can do this but I am only available after Wednesday and my rates are not cheap. Check out my website bottopia.com for examples of my work.

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    PM me, i think i can do it for you