I need a quick answer to this question (AFF)


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Jul 25, 2008
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I need a quick answer to this question (AFF)

guys, i don't intend to make this a long discussion.

i need a quick straightforward answer or clarification to this question regarding the adult affiliate programs of puss.y.cash and web.cams.com

the money that members/customers on these webcam sites are paying to watch girls perform on cam ... out of this money, how much of it ends up being paid to the girls ?? that's my question. For example, if a member/customer at im.Live buys credit for $25 (typical im.live price) and he spends all that $25 on ONE girl, how much of this $25 would imlive actaully pay to the model/girl who performs on cam ??

i hope it sounds clear enough
that sounds great.. well, i am planning on something similar, but definitely NOT with my ex-gf, perhaps with my current gf :) so which sponsor were u using with your ex-gf ? im.live or web.cams or live.jasmin or stream.ate or cam.s.com which one ??
not to highjack this thread BUT:


you are one lucky man. lmao.

great ideas, might have to implement something like that.
u did nail them BOTH ?? was it at the "same time" in the same room or was it different times / diff places ?? was it 3-some or was it 2 X 2-some ??
haha not look nice too but it is okay if free for that girl .... lol sory out off topic
Free Jr. VIP status in exchange for hooking me up with the blond on the left...

PS - there are some hot chicks in St. Petersberg, FL
ahaha clix come here to my country i got you asian chick
lol... sorry again off topic threadstarter
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