I NEED A PBN Pro Who Can Help Me Set Up HOSTING For My First 10 Sites.

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    I'll be getting 10 domains soon from a domain broker on here.

    Here's the thing, there are a lot of guys on here who understand hosting like the back of their hand. But I am technically illiterate when it comes to certain things. Prime example: I've been using Godaddy for 3 years but still don't know how to transfer a domain. I'm an expert at sound engineering/programming/synthesis ... can do anything in photoshop but when it comes to hosts and registrars I am lost.

    I think it's cause the first time I ever tried to transfer a domain (by watching YT tutorials) I wound up deleting my entire site. Then I had to pay someone to fix it and ever since then I've had an aversion to messing with hosts.

    So if I can't even transfer a domain... you can imagine how much things like nameservers, start of authority (SOA), CDN cloaking, MX records, etc scare me.

    I'm trying to follow what AlexThePBNDude advised. I will copy and paste directly from his this post (this is what I need): http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...w-i-build-manage-rank-pbns-4.html#post7186524


    1. Transfer PBN domains from seller to me
    2. Get hosting (all picked out)
    3. Change DNS at my registrar
    4. Wait for it to propagate
    5. Generate bogus whois info with FakeNameGenerator.com
    6. Create an email with bogusname at myrecentlypurchasedpbndomain.com
    7. Forward it to a main email address I can use for management
    8. Change domain's registration details with the new bogus info and mention that email
    9. Manually confirm that email

    Don't ever do a whois checkup with any of the currently existing services out there online on your recently acquired PBN domain before you change the whois info details, otherwise they will query the registrar for the old details and that page may get indexed and remain cached in search engine for a while, with your real name.


    Right now I planned on using 8 hosts for my first 10 domains.

    I don't understand all the details. Whether I submit fake info upfront or change it later. HOW to change it later. How to transfer the domains. Where all my DNS info is, how to change that and WHAT to change it to. Then the fact I have to find all these things in 8 different hosts. I imagine each host is set up differently (maybe I'm wrong?).

    I also read about a cool trick where guys use shared hosting accounts then can cloak the IP/Server with CloudFlare. I'd love to set up just 1 shared hosting account where this is done for 1 site and host. So I can study what was done and replicate it for more sites as I add them. This way I can keep costs down as I expand my network.

    To keep things clear though, what I ultimately need is someone who can take the 10 domains I'm getting, and set up hosting for me on 8 hosts. So there are no footprints.

    From what I understand coaching is not allowed here. And I need a very specific job done. But if I can leave this interaction KNOWING how to do all the basics on my own in the future I will tip generously. This is not required at all. But if you have camtasia and wanna hit record when working on 1 site and host.... that would be extremely valuable to me.

    As far as budget goes... I have no idea how much this should cost. As long as we both agree on the terms / price prior to the work and it's fair, that's all I care about.

    Thank you!

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    It is not as difficult as you think, BreaknBrix. 5-10 minutes maximum without propagation time. I think it would be better if someone recorded a video for you, so you would be able to do it yourself next time. I will be setting hosting for my new PBN in the end of this week and can record a video for free if you wish, you can PM me if you are interested.