I need a partner to work with on a review forum. Potential to make alot of $$$'s

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    Hello fellow BHatters,

    (not sure if this is in the right section but i couldnt post in jv for some reason)


    Im in need of a partner to work with on my review forum, someone who knows how to run/administer a vb forum, preferably able to generate traffic (several hundred to a couple thousand (UK/US or Both) a week would be plenty). Also some SEO experience is always an advantage.

    The main money making method is very blackhat so be prepared :) (to make lots of $$$'s!) other methods will be various G ads, some affiliate banners but not too many, as i say the main money maker is a blackhat method.

    Profits will be split 50/50.

    If you are interested or would like more info please feel free to pm/email me.

    No time wasters please, only serious ppl.

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    Well my suggestion..? Should read the rules to why you can't post in JV..