I need a little advice, i am kinda pissed off after my last encounter

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    yesterday i got my hands on 400 leads that were targeted for dating, and i thought i would do some simple email marketing. i figured to myself the best way to make money off this list would be to just send out a giant email blast with a clickbank creative ad with my link embedded for how to get laid or something. i am subscribed with mailchimp (a free email blaster) but thats for one of my white hat projects and it has my address on their and stuff, and i don't want that getting mixed with my black hat projects, get my drift? so i just sent out each individual email to the person manaully, i must have sent out 200 emails from a gmail account within an hour and fifteen minutes and all of a sudden google starts bouncing them back, and then tells me i'm spamming or what ever. so i learned the hard way on that, i was so damned pissed because i spent all that time and then i don't think not ONE of them made it. because fricken google says i'm spamming so they block me. okay, so i think to myself i need a free email blaster or what not. is there any black hat email blast tool that you can just send out mass emails at ounce or something? any suggestions would be very helpful, because i don't like to sit on all these leads. and if you were me what would you do in this situation?