I need a GOOD Wordpress Plugin Coder

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    Dir. of IT for a really big hotel company
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    This will strictly be whitehat. (that's a switch!)

    I need a programmer that can make good, solid WordPress plugins as I need to create a hotel booking plugin that works with our existing IBE (Internet Booking Engine).

    It will need to take data from the form that is already built into this WordPress theme...


    And push it via a Quick Reservation Mask (the plugin backend code) to our booking engine. Our booking engine works based on QSPs (Query String Parameters),... so as an example:

    Here is an example of a current Quick Res Mask we had programmed by someone...

    http://quickres.bookingengineforhotels.com/new2.html ...OR... http://quickres.bookingengineforhotels.com/new3.html

    We would need the QuickRes Mask to function like this does, and fit in the area where the Reservation widget is in the above theme on the left.

    The plugin must:

    - allow for different fonts/colors within it's main body/div area (to match the theme)
    - allow for the upload of a whole mini background image to take up it's whole body size instead of just a color
    - allow for different field options, that correspond with these QSP's and the property code (which defines the hotel being booked) listed in our specs sheet... see specs sheet here... --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4cv23q75u3vupm/WordPress-Plguin-QuickResMask-QSPs-Codes.xlsx
    - allow for different placement of the drop down boxes and fields used
    - allow for upload of custom image for 'BOOK NOW' button and also images in areas before the dropdown fiels, if desired (but also accomadate just text in all those places as well if desired)
    - function securely (and we will exploit test it)
    - be future compatible (as much as can be done) with future versions of WordPress (no backwards compat needed.)

    Coder may use existing code from the examples above, or re-code entirely if desired. Backend of the plugin in WordPress must present it's own cPanel option in the WordPress backend sidepanel and must be user friendly in configuring all of these options.

    It must ALSO accomodate custom QSPs, that we may not even have created in our spec sheet yet (ie - we define them IN the plugin, and then can make them available for use with a dropdown box if selected)

    Drag and drop layout functionality is also desireable for the backend controls of the plugin (the ability for the layperson to simply drag and drop dropdowns and text/image elements into place)

    Coder MUST have references that we can see or access. No NOOB coders.

    Many thanks!

    (please respond via PM or reply to giveitlegs aaattt g m a i l d o t c o m)

    Please state what you think is a fair 1/2 + 1/2 deposit + final payment proposition for work done. No hourly bids will be accepted. Must be flat fee.

    Thanks all. Cheers.