I need a freelancer to make a script (urgent)

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    i want to hire someone to create a facebook post scheduler
    it can work via browser

    the idea is easy - facebook allows to schedule the date/time of the post
    i need the script that will add posts one by one and specify the needed date/time
    i will post pictures, so i will have lot os pictures and the script have to pick an image, and schedule the post with it

    i need the script to schedule the posts for every X hours
    So if i have 100 images it must
    1)pick image 1
    2)specify the date on facebook (for example 3 July 2013 - 03-00 AM)
    3)press Post button

    then the exact same thing with image 2
    1)pick image 2
    2)specify the date on facebook (3 July 2013 - 07-00 AM)
    3)press Post button

    and so so on till all the pics are used

    i need this FASt and if you can do this pm me your offer
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    or use postcron