I Need a flyer designed/finished

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    It's an informational flyer, not one of those that you hang on the corner next to your drug dealer.

    I've played around with my 3rd grade graphic design skills to make the front of the flyer, but would like it redesigned. The back just contains simple placeholders, so you'll need to continue the design language there. The placeholders should not be used as templates, but just an idea of how it should be structured. At the top of the back, I'm looking to showcase the packages that I'm selling. Take a look at how the packages are compared toward the bottom of the page, with the green checkmarks. http://www.hostwinds.com/unlimited-web-hosting.html
    Not exactly that layout, but just something to compare the packages side by side.

    On the front, the body of text and adjacent images are good where they are, but the header and footer look like crap. The theme is corporate, and should include the glossy/glass design. The design is not limited to blue/black, but should be fairly light. The 3 images on the side should be glossed as well and maybe a dropshadow. One thing that I do want to point out that I left out is that I want to add 1 or 2 sentences beside each of those 3 pics on the side. Feel free to add some sort of image to the header that represents internet marketing.

    Other than that, the text is very identical in size to the original text that's going to be put on there.

    I've attached a zip file of what I've been working with including the 2 psd files for the front and the back of the flyer.



    I do want the psd files when you finish, but put examples of your work(websites, flyers, etc) as a reply here. Don't put a price, I'll PM you if your stuff is good.

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