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I need a designer who can design commercial websites - Could lead to full time work!

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by stereoflight14, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. stereoflight14

    stereoflight14 Registered Member

    May 14, 2010
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    Hello everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll try to get right to the point because I know EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I'm seeking a very qualified designer to help me expand my Web & Design company. I specifically work with small-medium sized businesses to create or revamp there web presence. Right now I just need someone who can offer a good rate for one-off projects (i.e banner for a website, facebook cover photo, call-to-action graphics on websites, ext). The chosen candidate will be my go-to guy (or girl) for all of my clients design work. The most important traits I'm looking for are ABILITY (your ability to create designs in photoshop in all types of styles, and be able to adapt your work to examples I provide) and your AVAILABILITY (be available to chat on phone or skype and get working on something directly after we talk about it... I CAN NOT deal with 1-3 day delayed email responses, this WILL NOT work for my business.)

    The candidate must possess the following:

    1. Fluent English speaking
    2. Outstanding communication - be available to chat on Skype or phone during agreed upon hours
    3. Experience in Commercial Web Design (lead generation websites)
    4. Ability to imitate design examples that I provide, and provide mockups and revisions in a timely manner
    5. Understanding of the word "conversion". You should possess the drive to create websites that convert visitors into customers, and keep people on the website longer. You should be able to offer suggestions and advice to improve conversion.

    If you're truly qualified for this job, you should be able to design websites and graphics at the same caliber of these:

    Completely depends on your skill level. I am very familiar with outsourcing oversees and I know how much less it costs to do so. I'm willing to pay more then that for the right person if they have high availability.

    Whoever I hire will have a chance to become a full-time employee with benefits within a few months or less. If you can keep up with my busy business this could turn into a dream work-at-home job for any designer.

    Please respond with your resume and a personal note telling me why you would be great for the job. I look forward to meeting you guys, thank you!