I need a Dedicated Server that can hold large amounts of trffic!

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by blackhatmikey, Sep 17, 2010.

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    my hostgator baby plan just got shut down and im in the market for a new server that wont crash ...im getting 1 million plus views a day :eek: please help me bhw!
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    What's your budget?
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    What is dedicated server hosting?

    Simply put, dedicated server hosting simply means taking an entire web server on rent from your hosting service provider. This is different from shared server hosting, where a number of clients are hooked to the same server and share the resources of the server jointly.

    What are the advantages of dedicated server hosting?

    If your e-business is showing any signs of expansion, then you should probably consider renting a dedicated server. When you rent an entire server, you have the freedom to customize the server as you wish. So, customized options are within reach. In case your website attracts huge traffic, then you will need the additional resources provided by a dedicated server. Besides, the extra money you pay ensures that you receive powerful, high-capacity servers with 24/7 on-line technical support, which is vital if you want to avoid downtime. Upgrades, when you need it, are faster and cheaper and can occur in less than 24 hours.

    How to select the right dedicated server hosting?

    The main reasons for you to buy dedicated server hosting are high traffic and business volumes. If you have a website that is large enough to justify the cost of a dedicated server, then the ideal host should give you access to excellent front end and back end tools. Most dedicated servers provide you with standard features like Cpanel and systems for maintaining the software you have installed on your server.
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    I wrote my "ded-vps server related" comments in other topics here.

    Many providers do not provide the real solutions - only to put the "standard" server there with standard stuffs on it.

    You said your site is getting 1M visitors/day. It means you need to get a ded server from good provider, and then ditch Apache web server for Lighttpd, Nginx (or LiteSpeed if you can afford it), then tune the server with php-cgi and eaccelerator (to speed up the php pages). With right tuned web server and accelerators running on good ded server, 1M visitors/day is a piece of cake.
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    Go with leaseweb.com they can handle substantial traffic, especially their unmetered offering.
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    Once again portalweb is correct with that many visitors and traffic and if it was that critical to your business and it sounds like it is I wouldn't mess around with getting dedicated from just anyone. Personally if I was doing that much traffic and had the money there is really probably only one company that I would go with personally. 100TB it may be way overkill but they are in Softlayer Data Centers and they give you an awesome deal. I will be moving my sites there once things take off, but I am quite a ways away from needing them yet lol. But it would probably be a good fit for you.
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