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    As people know I'm retired from seo/blackhat.

    Next month I will go to be ordained at, and live at Wudang Temple in China, which is the home and birthplace of the internal martial arts (tai chi, baguazhang, xingyi, etc.).

    I am giving away free content every week, and may eventually create some products to sell to benefit the temple or it's renovation.

    I need a series of 15 graphics created.

    They should all be different colors, but the same basic image.

    The focus should be on Taoism, internal martial arts, or whatever.

    I don't know whether it should look traditional or modern. I'll know what I like when I see it.

    The images should just be flat images, all different colors, with a place to put a title or some text.

    This will be for a cd or dvd series. Like stompernets blue, red, green, whatever disks. I like that.

    I want it to look cool and nice, and be thematically relevant.

    You only need to create one graphic in multiple colors.

    It doesn't need to look like a book or cd or anything. I can do that later.

    It's for my site at Wudangquan.com (which is not for profit so I don't mind people knowing about it) . . .

    I'll pay $15 for it.

    I'll give you 1 hour of personal coaching or analysis on msn messenger, within the context of my own limited abilities (and I don't know that much - I am just a person who is good at taking action).

    I want the examples posted within the thread so I don't get another million PM's.

    Somebody please surprise me.
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    Any text you want in those graphics ? Do you need like a logo or just a nice square pic that you could put on dvd's ?