I Made the biggest mistake in my life, and I need a serious help

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    hi everyone,
    well im here today with another heartbreaking story. You kno before i begin, wanted to tell u that i was a strong man, strong infront of all the problems, but wht can isay, love's power made me a weak man, weak infront of a women, the love of my life.
    Well I was with this girl for about 2 years, and in 2 years we did almost everything imaginable, we've through all the bad and good times.
    Anyways last week we had a little argument and she got very mad at me, so the following morning at school I decided to sit next to her to tell her sorry and to talk about the problem and resolve it, but when i sat next to her she stood up and went to site next to a boy just to make me angry and she spent 2 hours talking and laughing with him. So when the course finished I was really angry that I decided to give that boy some punches and so I did. Then I told my gf that I wanted to talk with her, she accepted. Then when I began talking, i told her sorry for yesterday, didn't mean to insult u, why did u sit next to that boy when i got close to you? and then she said because it was over between us and then she tried to push me to go away but I didn't want that to happn, so when she pushed me i pushed back to not let her go, but my push was a little strong and the girl fell and she had some injuries. Of course i didn't intend to do it , I just didn't want her to leave. But now she doesn't love me anymore did everything look at this video I made few days ago :
    She said she doesn't love me anymore, she refuses to go out with me.
    Please Help me , how can I make her go back to me, I really love her.
    Thanks guyz :(