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I made a video that has potential to gain a lot of views/traffic. How can I implement it?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Tiddlywink19, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Tiddlywink19

    Tiddlywink19 Regular Member

    Oct 5, 2014
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    I am pretty new to Youtube, so if this belongs in another section I apologize. I may have uploaded a total of 10 videos ever, none of any real significance, just usually for friends or work or something related.

    I made a video, I don't want to be too specific. But I showed a few people, and they all think it has a lot of potential, so I have some questions/comments I could use some help with.

    I have a few issues. Firstly, I want to release it appropriately, (Build a twitter, FB page, blog/website etc.,) and gain an audience before I do for the type of market it utilizes. So I am imagining maybe a 1-2 months of growth pre-release. I know this sounds excessive, but it is the type of video someone like "World Star" or another hip hop company can take, stamp their logo on it, and I get nothing for my work. I am comparing this to people who release videos on several different networks(Twitter, FB, Instagram, Websites) with which people generally see the original channel/FB page it's released on, rather than a random account and hoping for the best. Which I believe holds true. (Feel free to comment so far)

    So with that being said my questions:

    I used a song in the video that is copyrighted as background music. What do I have to do to go about making this "legal". I did email the manager of the artist who has the song, but I don;t know if there is an easier way, or I notice a lot of people just post I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS and/or post the song where it asks what song it is, and/or posts where you can buy it. I am unsure how they handle things now a days. (People post so many copyrighted songs, they have to have some way they deal with this permission wise, because I see videos that just do not ever come down.)

    I used other peoples videos from the internet. It contains videos from personal vines, instagrams, and youtubes along with some Original Content. Is there any issue with this or is it fair use. It is all publicly accessed, nothing is taken from branded websites, or news sites, music videos, or otherwise.

    When I post it, can I monetize it right away, or is there a certain amount of time/subscribers I need to wait for?

    4.) Any linksharing, or other ways to spread the youtube video to maximize exposure/monetization without being too spammy would be appreciated, especially if there is tags or other elements, I should look into.
    (Not a clue how many you can use or how search results appear in youtube search, more familiar with google.)

    5.) Lastly, and I am sure this is easy. What kind of video format/size/ratio do people upload now a days that seems to have the least amount of issue, I know it is all converted to .flv, but should I do that before hand? Any additional comments, questions, or concerns in general will help.

    Thanks guys!!

    Note: For anyone curious, What the heck is the video he made , it involves hip hop and girls. That is about all I want to say. Thanks!!