I made $720 yesterday + My secret method that will let you do the same (3000 word post)


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Jan 18, 2016
Note: This post was written with voice to text so watch out for spelling/grammar mistakes!

If someone could proof read this and pm me an edited copy I would really appreciate it!

Hello everyone,

When I first started on this forum I would often visit the making money section to find new ideas. Every single time I checked that section I would see people begging other people to find a method that would make them $100 a day. I'm going to let you on a secret right now and tell you that no one gave these people a method no matter how many times they asked. Let me ask you a question. If you were making over $100 a day would you give someone a secret method for free and risk it becoming saturated? Sure, you might give away some hints about your method but you would never give the whole thing away. The same logic can be applied for people on Warrior forum, if you're making over $1,000 a day with a secret autopilot method, why the hell would you sell it for $33?

Now the fact that you're reading this on blackhatworld and not warriorforum suggests that you are not completely retarded. The people you see everyday begging for methods on this website are the same people who buy these BS WSO from Internet marketing gurus. It is important to note that I also once paid $56 for a method that was just some rehashed bullshit.

These are the types of people who get sucked in by the pictures of bank cheques and fast cars with hot girls. These are the people who make Internet marketing so profitable. Imagine we are in a gold rush right now; anyone who wants to get rich quick is trying to mine for gold in a fool-hearted attempt to strike it lucky. Now these people who are mining the ground are doing a lot of work but the truth is that most of these people will not find any gold at all. The people who are really making money are the people who followed the gold miners and are selling them alcohol. Instead of breaking their backs mining for gold, these people simply sit back and relax and wait for all the gold miners to come to them and part with their hard earned gold. This is the person you want to be!

Today I'm going to share with you the simplest way to make money online. The method I'm about to share with you is so simple that anyone can be successful. I am proof of this bold statement because just yesterday I made $750 with under two hours of work, right now I'm going to school and making more money than both my parents with their decade-long careers combined. I did this in less than 20 days and I believe I will be making $1,000 a day by the end of the month. I spent over three years developing this method. This involved reading countless books both physical and virtual in an attempt to understand the human psychology that you need to exploit in order to sell information products. You are about to learn my secret method!

To begin we need to understand Internet marketing

Internet marketing can be summed up with one sentence. You are trying to convince people to buy something or do something thing. Let's say for example you are doing pay for install, your goal is to try to trick people into downloading your program which will install adware on their pc. In return for being a complete scumbag the website that you are partnered with will pay you money. Why is this website paying you money? Because they're making profit every time you send them a download. That’s how internet marketing works in a nut shell, you help make someone money and they give you part of that money in return.

Why Internet marketing is so lucrative

The internet has allowed people from all over the world to connect with each other in different and unique ways. No matter how weird or rejected you are in normal life you can always find some when you can connect with on the Internet. At the beginning of the Internet this was mainly done through online chat with forums or chartrooms however as technology developed this has changed into video chat or voice chat. What this means for Internet marketers is that we can reach a large extremely niche audience from the comfort of our homes.

This brings me to my next point:

The different approaches to internet marketing can be broken up into three different categories:

White hat:

White hat is basically being completely truthful and ethical. This is great for making long term money!

Gray hat:

Grey hat is being in a grey moral area. It can mean two different things; you are either doing something that is not strictly legal or something that you don't consider to be strictly moral. Despite blackhatworld’s name most of the people on this website will fit into this category. This approach is great for making money for a short to long term period!

Black hat:

Black hat is doing something that is immoral and illegal. The difference between black hat and grey hat is that with grey hat, while you may be doing something illegal it's not really enforceable. The same is not true with black hat which is often illegal and frequently enforced. This approach is great for fast money!
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Next we must choose the most lucrative way to make money.

While this is not true for everyone, most people find that direct commission from selling a product is the most lucrative means of making money. The reason this is so effective is because we can access millions of people on the Internet and if we can market to them the chances are that some of them will buy our product, which will give us commission.

Let’s get to the most important part of this post!!!

Throughout the three years I've spent studying Internet marketing, I have created a simple three step method which I follow to make easy money.

Step 1: Find stupid people who are experiencing a very strong emotion

Step 2: Collect thousands of these stupid people

Step 3: Sell them a product to solve their problems

Step 1:

The first step of my method is too find stupid people however before we can do this we have to define the word stupid. According to Google the word stupid can be defined as “lacking intelligence or common sense”. Now the word stupid is incredibly subjective however I hope you understand the connotation I am trying to make. Rather than trying to define the word I'm going to describe the people I consider stupid. To put it simply, these are the people who buy the $4,000 WSO from internet marketing gurus and will continue to buy them over and over again.

So how do we find these people?

It is very simple actually, just go to warrior forum and look for people who continue to buy these BS methods every time they are released. Start studying this person and soon you will find trends that you can extrapolate to find other people like him/her. Find out what this person likes and see if other people who also continue to buy WSO’ like the same things. Once this is done, simply use Facebook to find other people who share similar interests.

Hint: Multi-level marketing

The key emotion we are targeting here is greed. Every person in the world has some level of greed within themselves including myself, hell especially myself. You’re looking for people that simply have so much more greed than other people that they continue to fall for BS scams like buying WSOs. A great example of this I recently saw was a epic rant on Reddit from a person who just brought Tia Lopez’s book and it surprise surprise it didn’t make him a millionaire. Once you can locate a good amount of these people you can move on to the next step.

Step 2

The next step is to collect these people. This can be done in many different ways such as creating a blog which targets what they fantasize about. An example could be creating a YouTube channel where you document your great life as you travel to different countries every month. Stop what you are doing right now and spend some time brain storming different ideas. Your goal is to start to build up a large audience who you can sell products too. Let's say for example we start a travel blog which documents our great life. Depending on how blackhat we want to go we could steal other people's images and simply pretend they are us.

The last step is to sell your audience products to solve their problems

The last step of this method is to sell people information products which will solve their problems. To do this we need to target at the same emotions that we hocked them with to begin with. Going back to the example of creating a travel blog, we would create a blog post talking about how free we are and how the reason we can travel the world is because of the product we are promoting. At this point a lot of your audience will see that you are completely full of s*** and will call you out in the comments. You can either block the comments or you can create some fake ones which support you.
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So how do you convince people to buy your product?

I'm going to take a page out of my own guide and simply steal part of Stumickel’s post which covers this topic. We are going to be using psychological triggers, the same psychological triggers that cause people to leave their entire families to join cults.


I love the concept of psychological triggers. There is a lot of stuff written about them, but I have yet to read Internet marketing literature about the dark side. The positive triggers don?t work without it. First let?s look at the light side.

There are six standard psychological triggers that are constantly discussed:

1. Reciprocation: If you give someone something for free, he feels the need to give you something back. That?s why you give out freebies. That?s also why you are constantly told to over-deliver in the Internet marketing literature.

2. Consistency and commitment: If someone does something once, he is more likely to do it again under the same circumstances than he is to do something different. That?s why you try to get him to make that first click or accept that first email, etc. This is sometimes called baby-steps.

3. Social proof: If a lot of people say something is good or bad, the person hearing it or viewing it will be induced to go along. The whole reason for testimonials is right here. Crowd psychology is based on social proof triggers.

4. Liking: A person is more prone to grant someone he likes the benefit of the doubt than someone he doesn?t like. That?s why you try to be human, show your weaknesses with charming humility, talk about your problems and dreams, etc. Once he likes you, he will actually read your sales copy.

5. Authority: Another word for this is credibility. If a person thinks you are an expert, he will often take your word over another person?s without checking it. If you have trouble being truthful, which is the best way to obtain long-term credibility, bullshit people often about what an expert you are. Many will believe you sight unseen.

6. Scarcity: Our customer likes to have something others can?t have. This makes him feel special. Countdowns and ?Only 23 left? kinds of messages yank this trigger.

There are many studies on this and sales techniques developed from them. There are people who provide even more triggers. But the 6 above are the main ones used most of the time in the Internet marketing material I have seen.

Now for the dark side. The ugly fact is that it is hard to get these triggers to work without lying or misleading people. You must omit at best. If this bothers you, just be yourself and forget about using them. The White Hatters will not like the following comment, but if you play it straight all of the time, you might be seen as one hell of a nice guy, but you will not sell jack.

Now here?s the really dark side. There are some other triggers that nobody talks about except for cult fighters. I will give 6 for the sake of symmetry, but there are more.

1. Vanity: If a person thinks he is more important than other people for superficial reasons, he will do many stupid things. Flattery works. Pile it on in sales copy. And present your call to action right after. You will often get it.

2. Laziness: People in general like to automate stuff so they don?t have to think. They are lazy. They prefer to push a button and feel like they are masters of the universe than study and get it right. All you have to do is tell them they will learn a secret or simple-to-learn technique nobody knows, that they will only have to do it once, then repeat it without thinking to get a desired result like a profit, and they will pay good money for that secret. Use the phrase ?rinse and repeat? often when yanking this trigger.

3. Inner Thief: Almost anybody will steal on the Internet if he thinks he can get away with it and nobody will find out. Anybody. So promise him that if he buys your stuff, you will teach him how to steal other stuff on the sly and nobody will be the wiser. Use pretty words and euphemisms like ?secret weapon? and ?special technique? and ?loophole? and ?hedge? and ?sidestep? so forth. Don?t say steal. This way he can lie to himself and pretend he is not stealing.

4. Tribe Member: The most common way this trigger is yanked is by an ?us against them? approach. Establish this easily by saying ?Other gurus teach blah blah blah to the majority of people, but this is a lie!? You make your potential customer feel he is part of a special minority that is striking a blow against an enemy for truth, and, as an ?unsought? result, he will get filthy stinking rich by being so virtuous. You also reinforce this by putting together some easy-to-learn insider jargon for common concepts and using these words and phrases frequently in your presentation?always with a subtle superior smirk (vary this with nodding your head knowingly). Also, once you establish group contact with your customer, and yourself as the cool expert wealth guru, single him out for special praise in front of the group. This blends the tribal feelings with vanity. Then he will dig deep in his pockets and fork it over whenever you need him to.

5. Guilt: If your customer is lazy, it is easy to get him on guilt. He knows deep down that he doesn?t know jack, so remind him once in a while about it. Right after he feels comfortable that he is an insider and doesn?t need to think to get rich anymore, he only needs to push some damn button or other, remind him that the stupid fools ?out there? always try to get off the easy way and not do the work that needs to be done. That?s why they stay poor. Thunder a little here. This will make him feel guilty and in a panic. Then offer him another ?secret? that will show him the light and another button to push for only $XXXX.

6. Greed: This is my favorite. Tell a person he is not to be greedy, but must seek inner balance. Then say because he is very special and enlightened, you will teach him how to make millions. Hit him with visualization. Make him think the millions are arriving tomorrow or the next day. Show him pictures of money and beaches and fancy cars and mansions, telling him that this is his just for the asking. Spend some time showing bank statements. (If you don?t have them, use a graphics program and make them.) Get him really worked up and salivating, then hit him with your product. Once he bites and forks it over, if he complains that his riches didn?t come, then up the ante. Tell him to forget about that old stuff. There is even more coming with this new secret (make up something, whatever, at the time). The customer will fall for it again and again because the larger amounts cater to his greed. This isn?t the only form of using this trigger, but it is widely in use like that.

If you want to learn more about this, study cults and cult fighters. There is a lot of free information on the Internet, so all you have to do is Google it. Cult leaders are masters of using the dark psychological triggers.

I don?t see White Hatters using psychological triggers too much, except for some lightweight stuff taught by standard gurus. They might think this kind of manipulation is dishonest. Gray Hatters will be more ruthless and I see them as the largest group of users. Ironically, I don?t see Black Hatters using them too much, except for special projects and spam texts. Then I see them going forth without mercy.

The real danger is that the line between using psychological triggers and becoming a con artist is pretty thin. A person needs to be emotionally balanced and highly disciplined to use them well without becoming a total scumbag. The best way to avoid this is to always provide value on your end.
Here are some great resources which can get you started




Watch this movie for motivation
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Thanks for taking the time to write this up! Much appreciated, and best wishes for your own IM journey.
You could have saved typing the 3000 words and posted:

* Find good niche
* Build a list
* Sell a product to the list

That's not exactly a method, that's rehashing trivial knowledge. And to think that you started by bashing rehashed WSOs :D

If you think it's worthless then take It down.
Geez... man, you talk a lot. I know am new here but this particular thread is the first time am seeing something not worthy. You made no point...try and see similar topic how is written.
Making all that money, you should buy Jr.Vip to contribute to the forum that *helped* you. Really wondering if you made $720 or just a bullshit ass lie
Making all that money, you should buy Jr.Vip to contribute to the forum that *helped* you. Really wondering if you made $720 or just a bullshit ass lie

I am leaving this forum. I got what I needed from my time here and I don't really give a shit if you don't believe how much money I am currently making. Do you think I would waste my life by making bullshit up and bragging to people online? The only reason I planned on staying here was so I could share what I learned with other people.

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