I Love You

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    because you clean up my proxy list when its a lil dirty....

    because you're considerate of page rank when no one else cares....

    because you will find the keywords Im looking for and create a list of them all....

    because you work protect me by asking "are you sure you don't want to use proxies?"

    because you opt to do most of the work, while I enjoy a beer...or some sex...or both...

    because you're just complicated enough to keep the nubs from ruining our great relationship and this amazing tool

    because I'm 72% sure I should be doing this on my own but you allow me to NOT do all this on my own...cuz it is boring as $hit.

    because I hate captcha, and so do you...

    and all the other reasons fellow BHW members are probably going to post...here..

    Thank you for completing me, and my portfolio of BH tools...