I love Scrape box, I hate Akismet!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by PerryM, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Bought Scrapbox a month ago and took my time reading and playing around with it ? love it and recommend it. I made back the purchase price the first day, so will you.
    But, I made some boo-boos and they center on Akismet. Akismet is the core anti-spam plug-in that comes with WordPress ? it simply receives notification from WordPress installations reporting a comment as ?spam? and when enough are reported it flags the website as spam.
    I must confess I know nothing more than that and Akismet protects my WordPress sites from drowning in Spam so what can I say. I'm assuming the core website name is flagged as spam and sub-forums are considered spam too; just a guess.

    I started off fine ? did 2 2,000 Scrapbox runs that brought my one site from 0 listings in the first 200 pages of Google to the top 10 pages in 1 day. I was elated and the next day picked fresh keywords and did the same for the same website.
    Well folks reported my highly spun comments as spam to Akismet and now I?m lucky to get 20 out of 4,000 to stick. My fault ? in the first run I used the same backlink and same anchor text and shot myself in the foot.
    Sadly my website is now flagged as a spammer on Akismet and I doubt I can ever get it removed.
    After reading hundreds of posts here I guess my safest course is to create a website that has 1 article with deep links back to my real website and when the ?dummy? website is reported as spam create another one. With 1and1 costing about $7/site-name I might get 2,000 high PR backlinks ? this is fantastic for $7.

    Anyway, profit from my mistakes ? I sure am going to. Thanks for all the advice here ? you have made me a little richer with your posts and hopefully I can return the favor.
    Best of luck,
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    I also love Scrapebox, mate
    Very useful tool