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    We're all familiar with the normal "hi, I'm a dork, I wanna be your friend" intro threads.

    I love all the info I've found here. I've been lurking for quite some time. I just thought it would be polite to intro myself before handing out advice.

    I'm pretty much whitehat, but put about as much time in as some of the blackhatters here and make a pretty comparable income from my internet marketing.

    My income model:

    - Found a niche (one I actually kinda like)
    - Found a supplier for my niche (god knows I could really make more money if there was more than like one) (CJ Affilliate)
    - Built a site(kinda successful)
    - Built a forum (very successful)
    - built traffic for my forum by anonymously posting links back to my forum and causing general rukus at the bigger forums (very effective)
    - Started funneling visitors to my supplier

    Don't get me wrong I kinda stumbled my way into success but this place helped me take it to the next level..


    The Captain
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