I know this is unethical but is it illegal and can I get away with it?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by partymarty4870, Feb 23, 2011.

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    I come from a land downunder
    I run a travel and accommodation booking site which is currently being redesigned.

    I haven't really taken the accommodation side too far because i only have the higher rack rates online and can't advertise the cheaper "last minute" or standby rates" as seen on sites such as wotif.com and lastminute.com

    If I was to implement some kind of scraper to scrape these rates to my site would that be illegal, and if it was illegal/frowned upon is there some way that I may be able to get away with it?

    The new site will be in asp.net so if anyone out there could code this well please PM me. Some things I don't want my usual web designers to know about.
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    More than likely illegal due to copyright. But there's probably a way to hide it for the most part they don't really notice.
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    The law regarding this varies A LOT depending on where you live/work. Implementing this in a way that avoids detection will require the use of an external server. I suggest you head to guru, have someone write the code for you under the assumption that you are making a website that puts all of the last minute rates from multiple websites in one place. Start there...