i keep hearing people say i have more than 1 account at the same affiliate network to spre


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Oct 22, 2008
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to spread out the earnings, i even saw some threads suggest u should have 5-10 accounts with the same network to spread out the earnings,

what information do you put in those affiliate networks?
do u use proxies to log in also?
wouldn't they notice same ip on more than 1 account?

I think that is to risky. I read this one ebook. The guy was talking about if you get ban from one, set up a corporation or business or something like that
yeah i heard about that too how much does it cost to start one though?
i think you can contact bhw user uptownbulker about corporations he can help you out.
Depends on your state. I heard from 50 dollars wyoming to 800 dollars cali. Just what I heard. I think you call secretary of state
i go with sho786 it depends too on country
sometime offer mostly are not to my country
To add to these questions, what do you enter in address? They need it to send your checks and all...
Afterall, I can't fill the same address 10 times under different usernames. Nor can I have 10 different addresses (am not a millionaire with 10 houses)...
I think you mean spread the earning by diff acc from diff companies....
thats what your supposed to do, not 10 accounts from one company!
You can get a PO Box or a physical mail drop to use as your address.
Lots of info flying around here... First and foremost, just as kammykhan said, you should have at least 10 different affiliate companies that you are signed up with. Meaning, you run $500 to MaxBounty, $500 to PrimaryAds, $500 to whoever....per month. THat spreads out your earnings and helps keep you flying under the radar.

The other part of the question is that you can potentially have more than one account at each company. Such as, I have a personal account using my info at MaxBounty, then I have my LLC who also has an account and MaxBounty, etc. You use a different physical address for the LLC by using a UPS box or other physical address. There have been times in over the last several years that I have used http://www.regus.com/ to set up a physical address in my local city. You can even set up an office/physical address in another city/state if that works better for you. Costs $300 per month but sometimes having that extra account covers that cost X10....

Hope this clears up some of the info here. Good luck to you!
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