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    This is my job
    Actually I realized this a long time ago.

    And as we all know, its good to keep stuff at the top of the memory banks.

    Either or, despite my faith being shook with most of the
    "guru's" out there.

    I realized a couple of things actually.

    1.Copy what they do. Use their emails as swipes because this
    is what is converting!

    Here is a good example of a marketer I know pulling out ALL THE STOPS
    to try and promote this campaign to his list. If you read it you will
    see what I mean.

    Now understand that despite all the gurus second emails (or every one)
    is a pitch or "pre pitch" (pre launch mode) with their content for either their own products, or someone else's.

    Much to learn I say.

    2.These guys are teaching other people what they do.

    Notice where I am going with this?

    Its weird because I have mixed feelings on the subject.

    Lets shoot the shit.