I just got into an auto accident...

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by deth_by_uv, Oct 25, 2008.

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    But no one was injured.

    It's kind of funny because the last few days I've been listening to some manifestation meditation audio and really digging into the LOA again and I was feeling really good today...I mean really good and full of motivation like I could punch my own face and be even happier...

    I found a very promising market to test out, just bought the domain, installed wordpress...and got the call from my gf to pick her up from work so I left the house...

    Then, when I was picking up my girl from work, I was making a left turn onto another street, a car had stopped and waved me by, so I proceeded to 'creep' forward to see if it were clear...

    Then I see this guy speeding up the street on his moped, I saw his face like, "OH SHIT!" then SLAM!...he hit my passenger side front fender and flew across the hood of my car...He wasn't hurt, but I saw the guy limping a bit...but he appeared to walk normal after a few minutes...

    His moped had no registration, no insurance, and he had no drivers license either...oh well, I'm just really happy and hope he isn't injured...

    So we pulled over, and he turned out to be a pretty cool guy actually...he skates (skateboards) just like me, lives less than a mile from me, smokes bud, overall just looked and acted just like my good friends do...Luckily none of us were high (I don't puff too often anymore tho) or smelled of alcohol...

    Oh well, I wonder what the hell is in those Manifestation Meditation audios??..DAMN YOU JUSTIN BLAKE!...jk...but it was an odd day...
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    wow. lol. if you think it, you can have it i suppose. Whatever is in the hypnosis stuff works. Especially ones for sleep :)