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    Hey all,

    I am looking for a mentor slash coach that would be willing to help me out with SEO. In exchange, I would be your coach/mentor for anything fitness as I am an expert in this field (I have competed nationally and won competitions in weightlifting).

    The relationship would be informal and just helping each other out for the sake of it. No hidden motives and looking out for each other. I already have some self-acquired SEO knowledge but it'd be cool to have a buddy to talk to about SEO things. I will help you out in getting in shape, losing fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger or learning some hardcore lifts. I don't mind what your fitness goals are and I'll help you achieve them.

    My site is about lifestyle and helping others, I even did a body transformation that blew everyone out of the water (and increased my authority too :) ), I didn't use any weird substances, just hard work and the knowledge I already had. I write my own unique content and I am already recognized as an authority despite my site is fresh.

    Please let me know through here as I am not sure if I can receive PMs or PM others. This is a serious request and I am looking for people who know their stuff, can prove it and are willing to show it, so no newbies or people with bad intentions please (I can prove my stuff and will not mess you around). Ideally we would exchange emails and talk about how we can improve together, I don't mind Skype or msn as we begin to gain confidence and trust as well as have a good feeling as to where this is going.

    Look forward to hearing from you guys! :cool:
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