I have too many instagram accounts, what can I do?

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Mar 3, 2022
Hello everyone
I have a lot of old setup instagram accounts
How can I use these instagram accounts?
On which platforms can I sell or deal as a partner?
Can you please suggest?
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once you’ve been a member for 60 days and built your posts up to a grand total of 100 (or more, if you’ve got a lot to contribute), you’ll be eligible for Jr VIP status.

Upgrade your account at BHW here https://www.blackhatworld.com/account/upgrades

After upgrading you go and start your BST at marketplace https://www.blackhatworld.com/forums/social-media.200/

Marketplace rules https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/the-black-hat-world-marketplace-rules.1295700/

Just don't try to sell around, you'll get your account banned, your account on BHW is worth more than that, trust me.

All the best @cindoruk
You can sell them here IF you have JR.VIP.
You can make some type of bot.
1.Sell them at BHW Marketplace.
2.Grow them in Niches with Viral Content, then do shoutouts in it or resell the account.
3.Make some type of SMM Services if you have a really big quantity.
4.Sell those accounts on other forums and websites like playerup and socialtradia.
If you have too many Instagram accounts, you can sell them on marketplaces like Social Tradia, where people buy and sell social media accounts.
I would highly recommended to you sebuda and social tradia plattform,these are save for both seller and purchaser.
Honestly, I need platforms where I can sell old setup instagram accounts that I can sell in bulk bro (For example accmoon.com)
I would highly recommended to you sebuda and social tradia plattform,these are save for both seller and purchaser.
thats only worth it if he has thousands of accs
In fact, I definitely have and I am producing, I hope one day I can open a sales topic here, I know that it is forbidden at the moment, I will open a topic when I gain more experience and qualify for it for a while.
Use the mother/child method, grow your main account through this method and then sell paid shout-outs.
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