I have to link 100 Gmail accounts with 100 Youtube accounts : How to do it safely ?


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Apr 11, 2010
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Hi !

I need to link 100 Youtube accounts with 100 Gmail accounts and I would like to have your advices :D

- I have 100 old Youtube accounts, from 2008 (they all work :) )

- I have 100 PVA Gmail accounts (new but bought to a very trusted guy here)

As you know, Youtube asks 1 Gmail account for 1 Youtube account
(you know, when you try to connect with one Youtube accounts and they ask you to link/connect it with a Gmail account).

Ok so I have 20 private proxies from yourprivateproxy :

Is it ok, is it safe to use 1 private proxies for 5 Youtube/Gmail accounts linking/connexion
(=> I don't know exactly how to say, it's in French for me and I'm not sure to use the right translation) ?

Or do you have something better to propose ?

Thanks ! ;)

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it should be just fine
for such an old thread, I'm sure it'll work out great!
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