I have some questions before buy Xrumer, please help me!

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    I read many times about Xrumer on BHW and other forum, but I did not find answer for following questions, so please help me to answer it.

    1 - I know that Xrumer can work with PunBB forum, but will they work with sites send password automatic to email like these forums ??: forum.eeeuser.com/register.php , kennedysoftware.ie/punbb/register.php ?

    2 - Can Xrumer register account on sites with two capcha questions like these forums: thefret.net/register.php , boards.ie/vbulletin/register.php

    3 - If I use Xrumer to creat about 100 - 200 profiles in one time, can I run it on my PC ? Or I still need to run it on Server ?

    4 - Can Xrumer work with Expression Engine forums ?

    5 - Can I add more forum scripts to Xrumer ?

    Thanks you for helping me!
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