I have Private Proxies for twitch now what program to use?

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    So the title says it all i have private proxies and they are checked by secure.twitch.tv. they are setup like this ip:port:username:password format Now for some reason wehn i load them up into a program called streambot it wont load the proxies bc it have the user and pw attach to it. Ive tryed using them without the username and pw attach but they do not work. I also have a program called baba tools and it doesnt seem to work either.
    Any ideas what i Should do?
    Im using PRIVATE PROXIES so it have a username and pw at the very end of them.

    I know a buddy that used to stream on twitch.tv/Streamerhouse
    He says they use Private proxies and Yes i can see it with my own eyes.
    They should be called Proxy House.
    So Private Proxies can be used.
    Anyone Direct me for a program to use. Or even make me one thanks