I have or not spammy pages in my website?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Foliexperten, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Nov 28, 2014
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    Hello people.
    Before i will start sorry for my english, im not so good.Also im not good in SEO.

    Last days i saw some big changes in my statistic. I checked my backlinks in ahrefs: i should have around 200, and it was more then 4000.
    I was very happy in the beginning, but i saw most content of the website wich have backlinks was 4-5 url wich, EVEN if they start with my homepage of website, it continuing with something wich is not belong from my website.This is the page wich is not mine: foliexpertenDOTno/new2015frames4.php/ ( my homepage is foliexpertenDOTno ). Strange is: the "spammy" page is not linking to other website, if i click on links i get some server error. Also i can see this pages on the server, souposse i can delete them.
    What i do before this story start, i was paying for backlinksindexerDOTcom to index my backlinks, and also i pay somebody on FIVER to build some good backlinks(was 28 backlinks).
    Can somebody tell me if that pages are good for my website(i think maybe its a way to have backlinks) or it a spam and i should get rid of them.Also how?
    If its a spam it will affect my ranking in google?
    Thanks in advance.