I have lots of instagram accounts, someone inform me about these engagement groups lol

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    Sep 8, 2014
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    I have a 600k ig, a 93k ig, a 83k ig, a 103k ig, a 60k ig, a 50k ig. All varying in activity but growing organically because of the content etc. But I am a lurker here on bhw, I normally post elsewhere. I see you guys post about telegram groups and kik groups but only one person posted about a sfs group whereas everyone else talked about engagements. I know what sfs' are and that's what I'm interested in doing if anyone has any accounts in the 100k-75k rnage and the 600k range. My smaller ones I'm growing still. But can someone please explain what this other stuff is, like explain it all as if I am new to this lol. Because I am when it comes to this lingo.
    My kik: networkingly
    I don't really use telegram and I don't see a reason to start now.
    Thank you for all information given, hopefully you can clear up any confusion I may have.