I have idea for website and I know it will work, but can't do it alone.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by keysikg, Dec 24, 2014.

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    Hello BHW.

    Just a quick introduction. I am 18year old, currently finishing high school, and next year probably going for private IT college. I worked in last 2 years a bit on CPA and PPD, earned around 4500$, but currently I am not earning anything, though I am ready for new start. I learned a bit about SEO, social promotion and all other stuff that was needed.

    I have website idea. I have everything inside my head, and I am 100% that it will work, since here, in my country, there is website like that but currently bound to only my country. I know that they will release English version in future, and I know its goldmine and aware of it's potential, so I would really dedicate myself to it.

    Problem is, I can't make custom websites that are so high quality for project like this. I know that I need to pay someone to do it, but as I can see most of custom websites are around few hundred dollars at least. I have some experience with websites, but not near enough to maintain website that may go very viral, and I don't really have much cash currently.

    What do you suggest me to do? Even if someone would joint venture with me, how can I know that they wouldn't just steal idea and profit from it leaving me with nothing?
    Thanks a lot in advance.
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    I see your problem this way: you should first meet people and then think if you want to JV with them.
    As you seem not to know anyone that could help, you can try the JV section. Post there and make a good research about those that are interested. Check their posts, check the shit list, search for their email/name online. Talk with them more on skype/email. See how they are (could you work with them?) Ask them for references on their past projects. Ideal make a contract with them.

    And if you do all this good enough, there will always be a chance that they might screw you over.
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    if you don't want to pay anything and just want to earn based on your idea alone.. then you're going to have a hard time and that's a risk you're going to have to take.

    If you think a few hundred dollars is enough to actually realize your idea.. that's not a lot of money. why not go work and earn some money and be in charge of this project completely yourself.

    you aren't the only ones that have ideas.. everyone have a lot of ideas in their head but they don't want to work or apply them, using excuses like not enough time, not enough cash etc.... Ideas don't make money. Applying them does. The proof is everywhere in this section of the forum, lots of repeated and used ideas over and over again.. but people still are able to make money from them just through grunt work and hard effort.
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    I know a bit of HTML,CSS and JavaScript. I also know a few other people who are very experienced. PM me, I think I could help you out.