i have extensive SEO ecperience, blog,content, link building ,automation looking for a JV

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by mtravel13, Apr 21, 2010.

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    hi fellow BHW`s
    first of all i would like to state what i have to offer , i am currently a student in computer science , been a member of BHW for a long time , i have worked extensively on following domain :

    1. link building , advance link building using linkwheel , link wheel variations
    2. content creation ,using automated and unique methods
    3. have worked on various youtube , SN sites successfully
    4. have extensive experience about SEO and on site optimization
    5. have knowledge about CPA and paid traffic systems such as google adwords
    6. have successfully grabbed some of the weakest keywords from most strongest niches

    some of you might say that if i know that much the i should be earning on my own , well matter of fact i am earning right now , but i looking for jv for following reasons

    1. i cant have some resources obviously because i am a student , resources such as credit card (they require salary slip), cant transfer huge amount of money due to limited bank accounts , cant spam craiglist due to country restriction
    2. right now i am really not motivated to start things on my own as all things when done simultaneously can burn me out .
    3. i feel working together will share our experience and further enhance the earning model

    i have some prerequesites so here are they:
    1. project shouldnt be targeted for very long time to produce results , 1-3 months target would be ok for me
    2. dont expect huge investment from my side as i am already investing my time although if necessary, i can arrange some of the money .
    3. project should at least be targeted for 1000+ $ per month , it would be hard for me to put that much effort if project dosen`t even produce that much result

    if you are interested , please PM me , so we can have further talks about this

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    So how much money you afford to lose as the project doesn't go well as planned?