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    There are lot of blogging strategies telling you how to built
    hundred of blogs massively, 8 out of 10 of these strategies
    teach often involve how to built around 100 blogs in one domain
    and you multiply the result by installing their scripts in other domain.

    But, in the eyes of a search engine, the army of blogs are just army
    of folders, by adding a single entry to each of the blogs in your doamin,
    you got 100 new entries to your domain.

    So, to a search engine, what is the difference of having 100 new blog
    entries or having 100 new pages come from a single domain? What is
    the difference between having 1 entry updated in 100 blogs and having 100
    entries updated in 1 blog if the comes from a single domian?
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    Good question, complicated though it is and I do not have the answer but it gave me a headache!


    I have wondered this my own self!

    Anybody know?
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    Are you talking sub-domains or just different sections. If sub domains I don't see how they can call them all one domain, one TLD, yes, but what of all the places like blogspot, I think, geoshitties and it's ilk.

    Sub domains, with all the stuff that the freehosting sites do off of their domains, shouldn't count as 1 domain. SEs don't always make sense though.
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    I think the difference is that the search engines see the 100 blogs such a different(separated) source of information.

    If we have 100 blogs, I suppose each one is about a different unique topic,
    with their own keywords,url title and hence relevance.

    Also,don't forget that the search engines love diversity, and they can pick only the good info to indexing, like 25 blogs and NOT all 100 irrelevant entries for a 100 entries Blog.

    Hope this make sense..;)
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    For a start having 100 entries updated in 1 blog from a single domain would probably ban you on most of your ping list. I.e Pingoat, technorati, it would be flagged as spam.

    If you have 100 blogs, using 100 domains, obviously Google and others would class these as seperate, and rank all differently, but if all on the same subject and inter-linked they would rank higher as they are the same content, most people who run shit like this, use content rewriters but the same articles over 100s of blogs, and dont get caught. Cause of the duplicate content rule, i woudlnt recommend using the same shit posted on 100 blogs.

    If i inderstood you correct that is, as you didnt come fully clear too me maybe to others what your exact question was.

    But if you are talking about things like Blogger generator, programs that make blogs on high amounts.

    Why people do this? Because places like blogspot.com have those updated post directories that show latest posts, get you indexed, and the 100 blogs could have different shit going to them like RSS2Blog, that auto matically ads a new post to each automatically.

    So really the best thing is is having a 100 blogs on different domains, subdomains can work great, but its only benificial if you have high PR and are highly trusted.

    If you spam like crazy with milions of blogs, your domain gets flagged on everything, unless your trusted that is.

    Places like blogger/blogspot/blog.com etc.. are all trusted so if you want huge amounts of posts/blogs id use these, especially since they dont cost/dont care if they go away or get deleted, and can be very anonymous, get indexed quicker, and bring extra traffic in other ways, like those top header bars that say >> NEXT BLOG

    I dont make sense to myself so i hope i did here :D
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    I've got a LOT of blogs. In fact, every time I buy a domain, the very first thing I do is to install WordPress just so I can write a few posts, publish, and then get the blog indexed.

    I've read a lot of members asking the best way (fastest way?) of getting their blog indexed.

    I do 2 things and two things only...

    1) I paste in my massive ping url list into the actual WordPress dashboard... That way, when I publish, I'm pinging all those services. I've seen a lot of ping url lists here so that shouldn't be a problem.

    2) Head on over to: whois.sc and simply type in your new domain. By doing that, your domain info page is automatically created on whois.sc's sitemap and trust me... Google sits on that sitemap all day long and spiders it. I'm usually indexed no later than a week but the norm is more like 3 to 4 days.

    3) Another easy way that I've been experimenting with is heading on over to: likesthispage.com and creating a few accounts. Each account gives you a subdomain and you simply list your favorite links... LOL. Well I have several accounts with nothing but ClickBank affiliate links that make me over $100 a day but I also use it to get new domains indexed.

    4) Once your WordPress domain/blog is indexed, create a new folder but make sure that folder doesn't interfere with one of your actual categories... Next, take a program like Traffic Equalizer and start making doorway pages... Now this is where it gets a little tricky because I've tested this extensively... I do this manually but you can figure out the best way for you. I open one of the actual post pages within Kompozer/Nvu and download it to my hard drive. Then I proceed to edit that page as a new template for my doorway pages that I create within Traffic Equalizer. In other words, you want the html code to look similar to what the actual WordPress post html code that Google sees when they come spidering.

    5) I create my own sitemap using Vigos GSitemap -- it's free and once your sitemap is created, it will even ping Google for you. Works great.

    6) I usually create no more than 100 to 150 doorway pages per folder. You obviously want to name your folders with one of the keywords/keyword phrases you're making your doorway pages for... In fact, I use the main keyword that I base the entire keyword list from.

    7) In other words, your doorway page code from Traffic Equalizer is going to fit inside the WordPress theme template you created with Kompozer.

    8) I've had absolutely NO PROBLEM getting over 25,000 (thus far) pages spidered and indexed per domain with this combination. All the pages lead to a ClickBank affiliate program.

    9) I stay completely away from the internet marketing field and go more towards stuff like health, fitness, diet, etc. These kinds of doorway pages hold their value i.e., the products never really get too old.

    10) Have fun. Make money. With this method, I don't even need to worry about cloaking although I do cloak as well. Having said that, this method outdoes cloaking big time. I try to pick products that have a payout of at least $15 and up. Body building and dating are also good fields to get into.