I have an idea for a product that I want to create.

Spud Jr

Sep 16, 2009
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It was like a light bulb. I think if I have the right semantics, I can have it up and running within 7 days.

I am curious if anyone knows anything in reference to creating a mind map online, a place where I can get everything in order.

I want to have cheap outsourcing and all that jazz.

Thanks in advance!
You're kinda late to the party? Mindmovies dot com already has a monopoly on this niche. You really weren't very specific on what your idea was. However, if it is what I think it is (a mind map product), check out the site I just gave you... they have a monopoly on this industry. Good luck though...
Ha ha no not looking to create a mind map online. I am looking to create something way different. I was looking for places that can help me keep me organized and focused.
This might help you :)

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