I have an idea, but need your input

Discussion in 'Yahoo & Bing MSN' started by dauntaye, Jun 30, 2009.

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    okay guys, i am a newb and I thought of something that you guys probably already thought of but i was wondering if anybody has tried this yet.

    Is it possible to use an annymous or different ip address and keep using trhe same $100 ysm credit. You see I was thinking about using the $30 to get the ysm credit for $100, start a new campaign, and then when all the credit is used up, change my ip addrss and reuse the coupon again using the profit of the prroduct i want to promote. And keep repeating the process.

    Sorry guys, I know this was probably mentioned already, so I was hoping somebody could tell me if they tried it already, any input is valued, thank you.
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    I have an idea! Dont post the same question in 2 different forums in less than 15 minutes. Post your question and if you dont receive a response bump the thread by posting to it yourself and hope someone responds. Otherwise you will get flamed.
    As far as the question goes I have no idea but maybe someone will answer it for you after this bump.....good luck and have a little patience.
    If noone answers bump it up again but wait till it drops off the homepage before bumping.