I have access to a lot of old pc parts..

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    Sep 13, 2011
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    So recently I started working as a computer/electronics dismantler, temporarily until the studies start again. I get to pick apart/destroy computers and computers parts and sort them into certain containers. I never get to build stuff as that's not the point, they're going for recycling.

    The stuff is old and I've yet to see something fancy like modern PCs but it ain't that old like 80's.

    There are thousands of parts being sorted and thrown daily, including DVD burners. So I figured I could extract the laser diodes and build a kick-ass laser pointer, although we're not allowed to take anything. :p

    Anything cool you guys would like me to do or get you? :) I wouldn't call it stealing as stuff are almost being destroyed and a lot of the materials are going into trash..

    I could also post pictures if wanted. :)