I have a super quality buyers list of MILLIONAIRS: should i join affiliates? HELP!


Jan 7, 2015
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Hello guys! :) please read my post carefully :) it's a big deal for me and i want to do this well. I've been working on this list or a very long time.
I created, in a legit way, an email list of around 3300 (keeps growing) millionaires who are 100%:

-Buyers (already made a purchase online, this is where i got them from. USA,UK and Canada)
- They are very rich (All of them have money willing to spend on luxury. They have from $1M net worth and some have even $30M net worth. Im serious.)
- Most of them are around 35-60 years old men.
- They are not super happy with their sex or love life (some married and some not, and looking for a mistress)
-They have some kind of a thing with the adult or dating industry (Means they are horny in a way they want to have sexual interactions and talk with girls)

What would you do with that list? Please give me any advice and ideas, it would help a lot.
i taught to use LiveJasmin's affiliate program. it's a sex cam website. nice commissions. But still...dirty...iI don't know if i want to get into this industry. I'm a girl myself:| ... I also thought to send them high ticket affiliate offers like exotic car rentals but i couldn't find any very decent one.

Help guys!! :) Thanks...

By the way, most of the time i'm active in the "other" forum.. It's my first post here on Blackhat.. so don't think i'm trolling or something :)
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This topic is a nice way to start my workday the funny way! Thanks.
come on:| i'm seroius. Don't know how can i prove it.
try to I'm not looking for any spam. I don't try to sell you anything!
And let's say i'm a "troll", what do you care to post here advice? you can help other people with it.
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I created, in a legit way, an email list of around 3300 (keeps growing) millionaires who are 100%:

There is something strange: you created a millionaire list. OK. But you don't know what to do with? Quite weird ...

You said yourself that they were buyers: look at what they bought, and sell them stuffs like they bought. Logic, right?
very nice 1st post op. better you stop this and read some money making tips here
Well if you can convince them to invest 1M each I can make them a time machine!
Old people will like to get a second chance, I can make a time machine (one way to the future)
They will have a chance to catch on with a advanced medicine that can make them young again!
I m totally serious! if you can convince them pm me!
Did you just download the ashley madison hack and sort by income? :p
speaking of does anyone know where you can download the ashley mad list
Well this is a relatively lame way of introducing oneself now isn't it? The entire post screams from the top of its lungs that this person is totally full of crap.

Thanks for making so many of us laugh. Apparently you trolled 3300 horny millionaires who bought something from you already, but you can't figure out what to sell to them next. The juxtaposition of these two statements makes it super obvious you're a troll. Ciao!
i know dat feels OP cuz im in same position with you right now.. confuse picking decent offer..
maya10, email me to respenzer gmail and I have a way to monetize your millionaires' list.
how can you verify they are millionaires?

On the net everyone looks like a movie star and has $20 million in assets. Cuckoo land
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