I have a subscription for Tube Toolbox and think it's not worth it

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by nycdude, Jul 3, 2012.

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    I'm just throwing this out there with the hopes of getting some useful tips or ideas. I originally got the sub because I wanted to promote my channel and videos, get my view and subscription count up etc etc..

    Tube Toolbox is really limited though because it has to stay within the guidelines of YT TOS, which in itself is good because we don't want our channel to be deleted.

    The problem though is the limitations make achieving my goal of getting my view and sub count up quickly next to impossible. I can scrape a huge lists of contacts by keywords (super nice feature), but when it comes time to sending messages to my contacts I can only send 15 messages every 15 minutes...sometimes longer than that.

    I have an account with Vagex and it's satisfying my needs with view counts and subs, understandably they aren't real like Tube Toolbox could achieve but I want the views and subs purely to get my videos ranking.

    The power of TT is its ability to scrape pages by keywords and build a nice targeted list of user contacts which I can send videos with an offer. I've tried it with no success because of the sending limitations so I gave up on that.

    I have 100 throwaway youtube accounts and I thought about loading them all into TT and send timed, random comments to my channel and videos but that's not going to work because I can only send with one account at a time, with no way to schedule the messages either.

    The only real power I see is the ability to scrape and add contacts, which gets the attention of other youtube users but that's it.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any input
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    Send out mass messages or video responces are NOT going to get you a high view count or subs.

    If you want subs, then gather users from the Sub4Sub video(s) and mass message them. Offer what ever you can to get the sub from them. make sure they click 1 of your videos, THEN subscribe from the video page (not your channel).

    The same can be done in order to get likes or comments. I personally use my TT for comments. I tell the people I gathered on Sub4Sub that I will give them 4 relevant comments (at least 50 words long) on their most recent videos if they leave a relevent comment on my attached video. After 24 hours I got about 40 comments.

    To be able to send more then 15 videos an hour, link more youtube accounts. Including your logged-in account, link about 4 more, you'll be sharing videos at a steady time interval without ever having to deal with any restrictions.
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